The Simple Seerah ,The Story of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Part One And Two

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About The Book:
After struggling through the challenges of Prophethood in part one, and narrowly surviving an assassination attempt by the Quraysh, the Prophet is left with no choice but to leave his hometown; the place he was born, raised, and loved. Together with his best friend Abu Bakr, he migrates northwards in search of a new home. Now begins a new chapter in Prophet Muhammad's life: building a new community. A community based on the principles of fairness, justice, kindness, and worshiping the One true God alone. Though warmly received by many in the city, there are pockets of people who don't want him there and will try to undermine him at every step. And then there remains the issue of the Quraysh who only have one thing on their mind: revenge. For the best reading experience, we recommend reading Part One of The Simple Seerah before starting this book.
About The Author:
Asim Khan is a Muslim writer and public speaker who has written on a variety of Islam-related subjects. On Islamic spirituality, personal growth, and comprehending the Quran, he has written numerous books and articles. In order to help people achieve an ideal and fulfilled life, Asim Khan frequently uses his writings to offer guidance and perspectives that are based on Islamic principles.