Tell Me About the Hajj (Paperback)

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The story of hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah, begins over 4000 years ago when, following the Divine command, the Prophet Ibrahim traveled for a long distance until he reached the hot, barren lands of Arabia. There he left his wife, Hagar, and his little baby, Ismail.

The story goes on to tell how Hagar struggled to find water for her baby and how at last the miraculous Zamzam spring came gushing out and saved their lives. This is followed by the great sacrifice of Ibrahim, the building of the Kabah and the call to Hajj.

Today, in response to this call, and following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad, over two million believers from every corner of the globe gather in Makkah every year.

This book explains the importance of the annual pilgrimage - one of the pillars of Islam - with a special focus on the Prophet Muhammad's Hajj. These exciting historical events are presented in a simple, informative style, with beautiful illustrations, so that young people may understand and enjoy them.


Saniyasnain Khan