Safar Islamic Studies Textbook: Level 2

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The fifth edition of the Safar Islamic Studies series aims to cumulatively build children's essential Islamic knowledge, cultivate good character, and instill God-consciousness. With extensive references from the Quran and ahadith, this new edition has been developed to ensure that it is enjoyable for children as well as comprehensive and reliable.

Elements from all core subjects are covered in this book: Quranic stories, Islamic tenets (aqeedah), religious rulings (fiqh), and major episodes from the life of Prophet Muhammad (s), as well as personal development in an age-appropriate manner. Year 2 revises and builds on core knowledge from previous books, covers new ground, and prepares children to build on this knowledge through the rest of the books in the series.

The series has been printed with illustrations and in full-color. The overall curriculum is composed of four parts that cross-link with each other: Islamic studies, tajweed, memorization, and Arabic.


  • The book follows a unit-based structure, featuring units such as Essential Knowledge, Essential Beliefs, Fiqh (rituals and rulings), Islamic History, Contemporary Issues, Islam and the Social World, and Spiritual and Moral Development.
  • The national curriculum has been thoroughly consulted in order to ensure the content in our books is relevant, appropriate, and meaningful to young Muslims and teachers today. This includes consideration of subjects such as RE (Religious Education), SRE (Sex and Relationship Education), the humanities, as well as objectives such as SMSC (spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development), life skills, and citizenship skills.
  • Detailed and authentic content will allow learners to fulfill their religious rites and duties in an informed manner through learning, understanding, and embodying the Quran, Sunnah, and the rich Muslim scholarly tradition.
  • With ample focus on spiritual and personal development, students using this syllabus can make moral choices as confident Muslims living in a globalized and modern world.
  • The books showcase bespoke illustrations and infographics, making the design creative, engaging, and complementary to the Islamic content and values of the book.
  • They feature keywords and vocabulary lists which help overall with the Arabic and English literacy of students.
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