Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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“The reader should know that we did not compile this book for the one who denies the status of the Prophet ﷺ, nor the one who wants to find doubts in the miracles he performed….Our intention in this chapter is to document the greatest miracles and signs, both of which indicate the greatness of the abilities that Allah has bestowed upon the Prophet ﷺ. We have presented those miracles that have been meticulously studied and possess the most authentic chains of transmission. And most of what has been transmitted is undisputedly authentic, or almost so, to which we have added some of the narrations found in the well-known books of reputable scholars.

“If an equitable person reflects on what we have presented, from the beauty of his effect on people, the praiseworthiness of his life, the ingenuity of his knowledge, his ability to act with wisdom and understanding, the completeness of his speech and all his traits, whilst being a witness to the circumstances he lived in and the benefit in what he said, they would neither doubt the veracity of his Prophethood nor the truth of his call. And these characteristics alone are sufficient for a person to embrace Islam and to believe in the Prophet ﷺ.”

Qadi 'Iyad b. Musa Al-Yahsubi
Jody McIntyre