Essential Du'a's & Surahs: Book 1-Madina Script

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The Safar Learn by Heart series is a set of concise but comprehensive books that help students memorize surahs and duas taught by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saaws). It was the Sunnah of the Prophet (saaws) to remain in Allah's remembrance throughout the entire day and this series has been designed to enable students to revive this blessed Sunnah. From morning until evening and from one Islamic occasion to another, the series teaches authentic duas along with their English translation in an easy to understand way.

A unique aspect of this book is that it contains virtues like those mentioned by the Prophet (saaws) for reading the various duas. Many other dua books do not include this. It is this aspect that played a major role in motivating previous generations to keep this Sunnah alive.

The series has been divided into several levels and targets to facilitate gradual learning and the tracker at the back will help to keep a record of progress. The surahs and duas have been arranged in an order that fits in with the memorization requirements for various Safar Islamic Studies and Arabic books. This work is part of a comprehensive curriculum composed of four interlinked parts, the other three being Tajwid, Islamic Studies and Arabic.

The Safar Learn by Heart series aims to revive the often neglected sunnah of the Prophet of remaining in Allah’s remembrance. This unique dua book has a very clear layout which aids in memorization. The benefits that are mentioned after the duas encourage students to remember and continue reciting these duas at their given times.