An Explanation of Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-Wahhaab's Four Principles of Shirk

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An Explanation of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhabs Four Principles of Shirk


In this book the author explains the dangerous concept of shirk through four simple principles. The sin of shirk ? or associating partners with Allah ? is the most reprehensible act that a person can do. It is for this reason that this sin is the one sin that Allah has promised He will never forgive. Unfortunately many Muslims who are unaware of the reality of shirk fall into it out of ignorance. This short treatise is an ideal work for the Muslim in order to understand the essence of shirk, and thus essential reading for the one who wishes to avoid falling into the greatest trap of shaytan. The explanation of the work of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab has been taken from the works of Ibn Jibrin, Salih Al al-Sheikh, and other major scholars.
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Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi