Rolling Camel Medjool Dates 5 LB Jumbo Size

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Indulge in the delicious and luxurious taste of our Rolling Camel California Medjool dates. These dates are carefully selected and grown in the warm and sunny climate of California, where they ripen to perfection and are handpicked for ultimate freshness.

Our Medjool dates are known for their large size, soft and chewy texture, and rich, caramel-like taste. They are naturally high in fiber and essential nutrients, such as potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6, making them a healthy and nutritious snack.

Enjoy our Rolling Camel Medjool dates as a sweet and satisfying snack, or add them to your favorite recipes, such as salads, baked goods, or smoothies. They are also a great addition to cheese platters or charcuterie boards, adding a touch of sweetness and sophistication.

Our Medjool dates are packaged in a resealable bag, ensuring that they stay fresh and flavorful for longer. They make a perfect snack for on-the-go, at work, or while traveling.

Treat yourself to the irresistible taste of Rolling Camel California Medjool dates and experience the ultimate indulgence in snacking!